I had already talked to human resources and asked to hire a new team member to take one of our new sales, human resource time, as usual, I eagerly... It was important that we set the right people, so I had to wait - and of course I really needed people presentable. typically NOT in the first interview and today was no exception, although I would like a preview, just say yes or no and do not need more time. I was walking near the interview room, my little example of how the door opened, Our Lady of human resources in the way the prettiest girl in his gait, his hair falls down her slender brown figure with head held high, with confidence and a subtle look of pure sexual desire, our eyes met, leaves no doubt that there is mutual interest - I was speechless, actually. I saw her walk to the interview room, but my renewed interest, I went about my business and helped to keep me from meeting, even trying to get out of it, thinkingthe new office girl had slipped through my still wading though my e- mails, I heard a knock at the door, come on.. HR had decided that the girl was worth a second interview, because you would have... A second interview was arranged to visit next week with human girls and me. Tuesday the following week came very slowly and arrived five minutes to the scheduled meeting time, the girls, I was at the reception upon arrival - turned to the use of higher Christian Louboutin shoes toes youporns polished peering through a pair of nylons strong legs made ??him look even further, as it were, in short, black little figure perfectly encapsulated in a vague and PERT, as to my name on the receipt. His voice, he asked.. young, fresh and feminine as well.. "Hello my name is Leigh Anne is here at Mr. D for a second interview - What is your title, please. " Answered the girl on reception told me he's our CEO - he's behind you... Id preparationred for me the interview and wore a dark suit youporns and white shirt, id was new just returned from an international youporns business trip my tan and I felt good, look high Leigh Anne, im sorry, bear, take me today, resources there was an urgent human meeting with youporns the press. I rarely have interviews with the candidates on their own, but today I made an exception... My office is upstairs, after that - the brightness of their red soles, as the stairs, my eyes came to its end, a vision of upper middle and had to do. I opened the door of my office - and invited them to sit, I suggested.. But instead of sitting in front of me on my desk that was sitting in my black leather couch - well here ? she said as she crossed her legs and sat back down.... tempting I could not take my eyes off it... as a pretty face.. hypnotized by the eyes, I began my interview.. with almost blatant disregard of my interview questions, she was - I went to the door of his heels purposefully - the key in the door and walked slowly to my side of the table and offered her cheek to kiss me.... the smell of her perfume took me to a stunned silence, her hair blowing in my face, teasing me... He leaned over the chair to manage the desktop to sit on the table before me at the same time, legs apart, lifting a leg on the table, exposing her soft femininity moving his finger on his right hand and I season moisture appeared.. youporns Pulido and taste still in a state of trance, she beckoned me to taste... 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